Dyna-Glo Vent-Free Wall Heater Fan


Dyna-Glo Vent-Free Wall Heater Fan


Improve heat distribution from your Dyna-Glo wall heater with Dyna-Glo's Vent Free Wall Heater Fan. Operate on manual mode if you'd like your fan always ON. Operate on AUTO MODE if you'd like your fan to operate ONLY when it will blow warm/hot air. This Dyna-Glo Vent Free Wall Heater Fan fits all Dyna-Glo vent free wall heater's 10,000 BTU's and above. This unit requires a 120V grounded outlet.

  • Improves whole room heating with this 2-in-1 mode fan
  • MANUAL MODE – Turn ON at the flick of a switch
  • AUTO MODE - Fan automatically operates when the heater gets above 113 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure it’s blowing ONLY warm/hot air
  • Can be used on wall heaters that are wall mounted or floor mounted
  • Includes power supply (3' Cord Length)
  • 2 Year Warranty

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