Before You Buy -- Pleasant Hearth Fireplace Glass Door

One of the best ways to save money and keep energy costs down in your home is to install a Pleasant Hearth Fireplace Glass Door. 90% of air (warm or cool) escapes through your chimney, leading to high energy bills. This video will walk you through the details of our Fireplace Glass Doors, and ensure that you get the right door for your home. These doors are easy to install and will not only improve the efficiency of heating and cooling your home, but will also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your hearth.

Please watch our Installation video for a full demonstration on how to install the doors.

Installation -- Pleasant Hearth Fireplace Glass Door

This video will guide you through the installation process of a Pleasant Hearth Fireplace Glass Door and have you relaxing in front of your fireplace in no time! This video is meant to supplement the Owner's Manual, so please refer to your Owner's Manual for additional information not included in this video.

Pleasant Hearth Wood Stove Instructional Video by GHP Group

This video demonstrates how to assemble, operate, and maintain a Pleasant Hearth Wood Burning Stove. This video should only be used as a supplement to the owner's manual included with your Pleasant Hearth Wood Stove.

Pleasant Hearth Pellet Stove Comfort Control System Demo

The Pleasant Hearth Comfort Control System is the first to apply advanced technology to monitor performance and deliver the perfect temperature for homeowners with just one touch of a dial. In addition, the Integrated Diagnostics System continuously monitors performance to conduct self-diagnostics using our exclusive blinking LED system.