Heaters 101

Heaters 101 is a tool designed to assist you in shopping GHP's portable comfort products. There are many sizes and styles of heating solutions out there and our goal is to make your decision an easy one.

Where is the heat needed?
Where is the heat needed?

INDOOR CONSTRUCTION - For Indoor Construction Use Only; adequate ventilation must be provided. These units are not certified for use outdoors.

INDOOR - Certified for Indoor Residential Use. Be Sure to Refer to The Owner's Manual and Follow all Clearance, Safety and Warning Guidelines.

INDOOR/OUTDOOR - Certified for Outdoor and Indoor Construction Use. Not for Living Areas; Adequate Ventilation Must Be Provided.

How much coverage do you need?
Not Sure? Calculate Your Required BTU's.
How much coverage do you need?

The amount of heat required to heat a space depends on a number of factors; from room size and insulation levels to the types of windows, time of day or season it is. You can determine your approximate BTU needs using the BTU Calculator below. It is important to recognize situations that may increase or decrease your output requirements. Large windows, drafty doorways and minimal insulation will require extra output to meet desired temperatures while well-insulated spaces may require less.

SMALL - Spaces Less Than or Equal to 1,000 sq ft.

MEDIUM - Spaces Between 1,100 - 3,000 sq ft.

LARGE - Spaces Equal to or Greater Than 3,000 sq ft.

BTU Calculator

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BTUs Required: 0

Available fuel supply:
Available fuel supply

KEROSENE - Heater Fueled Using Red-Dyed or Clear K1 Kerosene, #1 Fuel Oil or #1 Diesel. Indoor Residential Units Are Fueled with K1 Kerosene ONLY.

PROPANE GAS - Fueled Using a Liquid Propane Gas Supply Ranging from 20lb Tanks to 500 Gallon Residential Supplies. Refer to the Owner's Manual for Required and Recommended Tank Sizes. These Heaters Operate on Vapor Withdrawal Systems Only.

NATURAL GAS - Always Refer to the Owner's Manual for Minimum and Maximum Supply Pressures. Always Seek the Assistance of Professional When Installing Natural Gas Products.

Type of heat needed:
Type of heat needed

FORCED AIR - High Volume, High Output Directional Heating Solution.
Fan forced air units provide high volume, directional heat ideal for situations requiring more precise temperatures to be maintained. All of our forced air units are CSA certified to provide the very best efficiencies in the safest manner possible. Select models come standard with thermostat systems to keep fuel costs down.

CONVECTION - 360� Coverage, Circulating Warm Air in Every Direction Simultaneously.
This type of heater, usually cylindrical in shape, provides convection heat using open flame. Warm air rising from the flame forces cooler air down, circulating heat throughout the space. Ideal as an emergency and supplemental solution as little to no assembly is required. Construction versions are incredibly rugged to handle the harshest of environments while our indoor units remain aesthetically neutral to most residential spaces.

RADIANT - Red-Hot Burners Provide Directional, Infrared (Sun-Like) heat.
Radiant heaters use infrared energy making them great for zone heating especially in drafty spaces. Burners heat up to red hot temperatures while heat reflectors aim the radiation for a sun-like warmth. Convenient and user-friendly solutions, these heaters require virtually no assembly and are quite affordable.

Glossary of Heater Terms

ANSI (AMERICAN NATIONAL STANDARDS INSTITUTE) - A private non-profit organization that oversees the development of voluntary consensus standards for products, services, processes, systems, and personnel in the United States.

ATOMIZE - The process of reducing fuel to tiny particles or a fine spray for combustion in the case of heating products.

BTU (BRITISH THERMAL UNITS) - A unit of energy used in the heating and cooling industry to rate the output of an appliance. A BTU is the approximate amount of energy needed to heat one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit.

BURNER - A device to generate a flame to heat up products using a gaseous fuel such as natural gas or propane. Some burners have an air inlet to mix the fuel gas with air to make a complete combustion.

BURNER HEAD (FLAME CAP) - The capped end of a combustion chamber usually used to mount/house spray nozzles, spark electrodes, temperature limit assemblies and thermocouples.

CFM (CUBIC FEET/MINUTE) - A unit of measure used to rate the volume of warm air moved by a heater.

COMBUSTION CHAMBER - A steel enclosure found on our Forced Air products, in which combustion of propane or kerosene, is initiated and controlled.

CSA (CANADIAN STANDARDS ASSOCIATION) - A not-for-profit standards organization which develops and publishes standards in print and electronic form, providing training and advisory services in the testing and certification of safety and performance in electrical and electronic equipment, industrial equipment, boilers and pressure vessels, compressed gas handling appliances, environmental protection, and construction materials.

ELECTRODE - A conductor through which an electric current enters or leaves an electrical arc for the purpose of igniting an air/fuel mixture.

IGNITOR (IGNITER) - Device used to increase and transmit voltage to spark electrodes for the purpose of igniting an air/fuel mixture.

inH2O (INCH WATER COLUMN) - Defined as the pressure exerted by a column of water of 1 inch in height at defined conditions. Inch WC is a unit of measure used to rate input pressure in gas supply lines.

LIQUID WITHDRAWAL PROPANE SETUP - Uses the liquid from the bottom of the tank. This is done with a special valve which is installed on a normal propane cylinder. Liquid withdrawal setups cannot be used with a vapor withdrawal appliance.

PIEZO IGNITOR - Manually actuated ignition producing one spark per push, press, turn etc. The defined action deforms a crystalline material (quartz) producing a high voltage and subsequent electrical spark, igniting a gas fuel supply.

PSI (POUNDS/SQUARE INCH) - Defined as the pressure exerted by a column of water of 1 inch in height at defined conditions. Inch WC is a unit of measure used to rate input pressure in gas supply lines.

SOLENOID VALVE - An electromechanically operated valve where its opening and closing are controlled by an electric current.

THERMOCOUPLE - A temperature sensor device that when heated, creates a voltage that is used in conjunction with a solenoid valve to only allow fuel to be supplied when a flame is present.

UL (UNDERWRITERS LABORATORIES) - An independent, not-for-profit product safety testing and certification organization. UL has been testing products for public safety for more than a century.

VAPOR WITHDRAWAL PROPANE SETUP - Uses the vaporized gas from the top of the propane storage tank via a vapor withdrawal regulator. Vapor withdrawal cannot be used on a liquid withdrawal appliance.

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