We are happy to announce that the GHP Group just updated our website for the 2013-2014 season. We have many new products available, including a new exciting product category called Vent Free Fireplaces. Want a real fireplace with a beautiful full size wood mantel in a location where you don't have a chimney, this product is for you. Take a minute and look through our website and checkout the new Vent Free Fireplace category under our Hearth Products.

We have also implemented a product review and question service on our website. Visitors to our site can leave reviews about our products they already own and ask questions about products they are thinking about purchasing. As we move into this holiday season we hope that you take a few minute to review our new and existing products. Our products can be found at most major brick & mortar retailers, as well as many as online retailers.

New for 2013 the Federal Bio-Mass Tax Credit has been re-instated. All Pleasant Hearth wood and pellet burning appliances now qualify for a $300 tax credit on your 2013 return.

The GHP Group would like to welcome everyone to our newly redesigned website. We redesigned our website to give our customers a better experience exploring our products and services. Our design team optimized our site to take advantage of mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. In the coming months we will be adding additional content and tools that will help you choose the right GHPG product for your needs. Please take a few minutes to explore our redesigned website and thank you for visiting

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