Greenway GFR6000SS Collapsible Vertical Drying Rack


Greenway GFR6000SS Collapsible Vertical Drying Rack



Are you limited on floor space but need a large, heavy-duty laundry rack for your family? We have the solution - utilize vertical space to dry your clothes with the Greenway Collapsible Vertical Drying Rack. Features 6 shelves that may be folded up and out of the way when not in use, such as when hanging larger items or using only half of the rack at a time. When using in the half folded-out position, hang laundry from the bottom-up to ensure the best stability. Includes 2 swing-out hanging bars for hanging longer items on hangers such as collared shirts or dresses. Pivot points on the base feet enable this rack to easily fold up compactly to less than 9” wide for storage.


  • Features 24 oversized stainless steel hanging bars
  • Collapsible feet. Pivot points allow the rack to be folded when not in use
  • Total weight capacity up to 105 lbs / 47.6 kg with 64 ft / 19.5 m of drying space
  • Over 14 slots for hangers
  • Easy to fold. Enables compact storage less than 9" wide
  • Easy assembly, no tools required

Sold By: GHP Group Inc..

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