NEW Vitapur Replacement Polishing Filter for RO Systems


Vitapur Replacement Polishing Filter for RO Systems


Enhance the taste and quality of your drinking water with the VitapurĀ® In-line GAC replacement polishing filter. Compatible with the Vitapur VRO-4U and VRO-5Q reverse osmosis system, this replacement filter is easy to install and replace.

  • Replacement final stage granular activated carbon polishing filter for VRO-4U and VRO-5Q
  • Replacement component for reverse osmosis models VRO-4U and VRO-5Q
  • Approximate 6-month filter life
  • This filter can also be used as an inline refrigerator filter
  • 1/4" connection
WARRANTY: 30 day manufacturer defect warranty from original date of purchase. Filter is not covered by warranty after protective packaging is removed and filter put in service.

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